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       A N   E M A I L   F R O M   T O D D

"Ok you might be the only person that will think this is funny too. Buddy of mine is over the other day and we are looking at a cable show and he mentioned that he almost when out with a girl on "that buffy show" but not "the blond one".. but he had forgot her name.. I say Charisma Carpenter? He gives me a weird look that I would know anyone on that show (both of us are 27). Then goes on to say that he was working with a lady that put out a card set... I interrupt with "Women of the World?" 

Then he gives me a 3 min talk about how I'm a stalker and should not know ANY thing about that. I kept putting up the defense that I saw them on a web site. (your web site) and I'm not a stalker!! Guess back in '94 he had seen the card with  CC in the blue outfit and asked the lady doing the cards if he might be able to meet her? She said sure and a few day later gave my buddy CC phone number and address.. He asked if CC would know that he was calling and got.. "Well no, but you could always just sort of run into her some where near her home" he asks "Ahhh, is she into that sort of thing?" Lady said "No not really, but you never know"

Needless to say story ends there, with him more or less being told he could stalker her and maybe it would work out. He ended up tossing the number away.
Too funny..

I bet this is as close as I will ever get.. I know a guy who worked for a lady who made a card set with CC on it..

Oh on a side note.. this same buddy also knows Grant Show's (guy was on Melrose place) cousin.. I went to the track with him one time.. Yep, that's as close as I will ever get to Heather Locklear.. I know a guy, who knows a guy, who is family to a guy she worked with. :)