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       K E E P E R S    &    G U A R D I A N S

Are you new to the concept of Keeping?   If so, you might make a quick detour to Archangel's Keeping Tips before jumping in here. 

Do you want to show your support for your favorite character on "Buffy" or "Angel"?  Here's where you can stake your claim for all things Cordelia.  Check out the Keeper Webring below to find out about Keeping for other "Buffy" and/or "Angel" characters and places.

Not sure if what you want to Keep and/or Guard is taken already? There are handy little search tools on each of the pages to assist you.  Just type in what you're looking for and hit "find".   Remember, there can be different names for the same thing, like Red Chrysler Cirrus = Car.  And please check closely to see if the item you want is taken.  Sometimes I get 10-12 requests at a time for something that's been listed for over a year!  

A quick note about the search tool on each of the Keeper/Guardian pages:  Type in what you're looking for, hit enter.  Scroll back up to the top and hit enter again to see if anything else comes up using the same word or phrase.

You can stake a claim to something by clicking here, or on one of the links at the top and bottom of each Keeper/Guardian Page.